Transforming Artistic Dreams Into Reality
Mr. M.Shafiq Shaharyar is the HOD, Acting & Performance of Shaharyar 19 Neptune Film Institute.Mr. M.Shafiq Shaharyar has 12 years of teaching Experience of acting and 18 years of theatre Experience as an actor , director & expert.He has worked with well known national & international theatre personalities & media professional.He has conducted various theatre workshops for schools in delhi, institutions & NGO’S in Mumbai , Delhi , Lucknow & Dehradoon. Now he has started Acting school in delhi, Shaharyar 19 Neptune Film Institute which is amongst the best Acting Schools in delhi, to impart professional training and sharing his experience with the blooming artists. Neptune™ Institute of film & television aims to provide a platform for budding talent and guides them towards becoming professional actors.

The syllabus of Acting Classes has been designed by Shaharyar based on his experience in consultation with famous theatre Personalities. With the growing demand for Acting Classes, very soon he is going to start the institute in Noida as well.
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